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The Lat 35 Rowing Program is our signature program, specifically tailored for YPO members and their chapters. This offering blends a hands-on authentic experience, with storytelling and academic analysis that challenges all participants to be vulnerable to go outside their comfort zone.

Over the course of the program, the group will be pushed to strengthen bonds and relationships while learning about Lat 35, Founder and CEO, Jason Caldwell’s epic, world-record breaking cross-Atlantic rows, his failures along the way, and the leadership and team building insights he learned. The group will put those insights to the test themselves as they head out on the water in boats, led by trained coaches, learning how to align and work together as a team. The program culminates on the final half day with a boat race, medal ceremony, and a final analysis of the experience by Jason, all under the YPO confidentiality agreement.

Lat 35’s strategic partnership with Caspian Events provides end-to-end management, taking care of event and venue logistics, group travel, accommodations and more.

Beyond an experience

The Hand

Rowing as a team across the water is exciting and exhilarating. It’s also a tactile activity that gives immediate feedback as to whether you are working well as a team or not. The feeling of hands on the oar, flowing together and sending the boat through the water gives the ultimate metaphor for what team alignment looks but more importantly feels like, and drives retention that transcends the day.

The Head

All the excitement of rowing on the water is lost if there isn’t meaningful, and elaborate unpacking and distilling of everything felt out there. That’s why we come back to shore and delve into sessions where individuals, teams, and the entire group get to share their insights and discuss how they have managed to build and maintain high performance as it pertains to the day. More importantly, we learn how we can translate and transfer that knowledge into our teams back at the organization, both as part of in-person and virtual teams.

The Heart

The heart plays a large role in leading teams and the commitment to being part of a high-performance team. That’s why this rowing program focuses on the art of storytelling where Jason Caldwell uses his story to show how he has used emotional leadership to bring his teams through the impossible. But his story also serves as a template for participants to see their personal stories in his own, and how they can sculpt their experiences for the betterment of the teams they lead or are a part of.

Team leaders

Lead by experience.
Jason Caldwell
Rowing & adventure

Jason Caldwell

  • World-record holder for trans-Atlantic and Pacific crew rowing
  • US champion rower
  • First trekker across Namib Desert
  • Author & keynote speaker
  • Featured in the documentary, Chasing
Everyone fails. It's whether or not you choose to learn from it."
Tom Magarov

Tom Magarov

Operations Director
  • Successful crossing of the trans-Atlantic Rowing Race in 2015
  • Setting the American Record for the fastest Atlantic crossing by a four-person crew
Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality."

Lat35 has unique knowledge and hands-on experience in building record setting teams. Jason has learned, through resilience and making it from defeat to being on the top of the podium, what is required to have the most impactful team structure and how to lead such a team to victory."

- Farhan Al Bastaki

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