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Inspiration is always best when it is relevant and actionable. The AdventureCraft Academy takes compelling athletes and adventurers beyond just their stories, by turning their experiences into useful insights and lessons that business can relate to. We pair featured athletes and adventurers with experts who drive conversations that draw connections between challenges faced in adventure to decisions required in business, ensuring the audience leaves with actionable tools and perspectives.

This program showcases a premier list of athletes and adventurers who share an authentic firsthand account of their signature achievement with stories, film-clips and visuals. Our experts, Berkeley and Princeton Business School professor John Danner and Lat 35 Founder and CEO, Jason Caldwell create a forum with each presenter to tease out the most salient business lessons from their challenges and successes faced along the way. Our team then use break out sessions with the audience to grapple with how the athlete and adventurer’s challenges relate it back to issues and opportunities facing their business.

This innovative leadership and teamwork experience is highly customizable and can be built around any one of our world-class athlete and adventurers, along with interchangeable subjects or outcomes intended to align with your organizations strategic agenda. The AdventureCraft Academy can be delivered virtually, in person or in hybrid configurations.

Beyond an experience


World class adventurers share their inspiring exploits. From setting world records rowing across oceans with Jason Caldwell, to making first-ever ascents of the world’s most challenging mountains, to running across the U.S., they bring their stories to life in vivid detail with dramatic exclusive video footage.


Each session is co-anchored by seasoned university faculty member, John Danner, who helps translate the lessons embedded in those extraordinary feats into practical frameworks and tools to elevate performance. These lessons are translated through uniquely engaging exercises, relevant adventure-related artifacts and focused discussion.


Together Jason and John co-anchor the conclusion of each session with an invitational challenge to each participant to identify specific ways in which they can apply key session insights to their own everyday leadership and teamwork issues.

Other options:

Customizable Expedition Kit

Includes adventure-relevant gear and artifacts in advance of the program start, which can add a distinctive personal touch and desktop reminders for participants


Optional training experiences

Optional experiences like Jason’s 1-2 day rowing and sailing program and Conrad Anker’s climbing workshop are also available as integrated add-ons.

Team leaders

Leading from experience.
Jason Caldwell
Rowing & adventure

Jason Caldwell

  • World-record holder for trans-Atlantic and Pacific crew rowing
  • US champion rower
  • First trekker across Namib Desert
  • Author & keynote speaker
  • Featured in the documentary, Chasing
Everyone fails. It's whether or not you choose to learn from it."
John Danner
Organizations + business

John Danner

Director, Education and Academics
  • Senior Fellow, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business
  • WSJ best-selling author
  • Advisor to business, government and nonprofit organizations worldwide
The best way to predict the future is to invent it."
Conrad Anker

Conrad Anker

Athlete/adventurer presenter
  • First ascent of the Shark’s Fin on Meru
  • Mallory and Irvine Research Expedition, Everest
  • First ascent of Rakekniven Peak, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica
Enlightenment isn't found with a full stomach, or on a soft pillow."
Emily Harrington

Emily Harrington

Athlete/adventurer presenter
  • Free Ascent of ‘Golden Gate’ (40 pitches 5.13b, IV) on El Capitan, Yosemite
  • 5 x US National Champion
  • 2 x North American Champion
Play as much as possible. Wake up everyday and do what you love and are passionate about."
Adrian Ballinger

Adrian Ballinger

Athlete/adventurer presenter
  • Summited K2 without supplemental oxygen (2019)
  • Seven Everest summits including one without supplemental oxygen
  • First person to ski Manaslu
These are powerful and life-changing experiences. I love getting to share them with others."
Kate Courtney
Mountain Bike Racer

Kate Courtney

Athlete presenter
  • Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, Mountain Bike
  • 2019 UCI MTB World Cup Overall Champion
  • 1st - UCI MTB World Cup XCO #1 - Albstadt, Germany
Work hard, do what you love, and believe anything is possible."
Alex Honnold
Rock climber

Alex Honnold

Athlete/adventurer presenter
  • First and only free-solo of “Freerider” El Capitan, Yosemite, CA – 5.13a
  • First and only free-solo Northwest Face (5.12a) of Half Dome (2,200 feet) Yosemite, CA
  • First and only free solo of El Sendero Luminoso (5.12d) El Potrero Chico, Mexico
I think there is a way to do things right, to tread lightly in the world."
Hellah Sidibe

Hellah Sidibe

Athlete/community builder presenter
  • 5+ year run streak (started May 15, 2017)
  • First black man to solo run across America, 3,061 miles through 14 states in 84 days (2021)
  • Daily inspiration for millions of runners
We can all help move society forward as long as we put our gifts, like running, toward some greater good."

I could not have been more fortunate to partner with Lat35 to build 5 unique programs around a diverse array of athletes and adventurers. Not only do they have expertise as athletes and academics themselves, but they have an amazing ability to facilitate a conversation that amplifies their story and resonates with the executive audience."

- Jay Thayer

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