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Strengthen the bonds of your team
the way U.S. Military Special Operations do.

This program kicks off with an unparalleled simulated mission to challenge your team on their mindset, effectiveness, creativity, teamwork, and getting them outside their comfort zones. Through obstacle course challenges followed by a debriefing, we’ll ignite high performance through practice that will have an incredible impact on your organizational culture and camaraderie.

We are proud to partner with Victory Strategies, the premier leadership assessment and development firm comprised of elite practitioners, such as Elite Military Members, Fortune 500 Executives, and High Impact Entrepreneurs. We improve organizational culture, alignment, and efficiency through leadership development training and team engagement.

Beyond an experience

Personal Responsibility

Team members learn to master the basics, take pride in their work and are committed to a growth mindset for the betterment of the organization.

Rewired Culture

Everything in the organization is built around the team concept to include workspace design, incentives, and measures of success.

Shared Purpose

As members begin to trust each other, the organization’s values and mission becomes clearer. Team members no longer rally around the team, they are focused on the team mission.

Common Challenge

Adversity forges teams. Regardless of the nature of the trial, the end result is that members are brought closer together when faced with common hardship.

Team leaders

Leading from experience.
Jacob Werksman
Tactical Leadership

Jacob Werksman

Military Program Leader
  • Former US Navy SEAL Team Leader/Sniper
  • Founder & CEO of Victory Strategies
  • Published Author & Harvard Business School Leadership Coach
Have a shared sense of purpose."
Scott Campbell
Tactical Leadership

Scott Campbell

Military Program Leader
  • Graduate/Instructor of US Air Force Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN)
  • Recipient of US Air Force Distinguished Flying Cross
  • Combat-Tested Fighter Pilot and Senior Military Leader
So the important thing in a military operation is victory, not persistence."

The subject matter was very well thought out, the presentation was full of engaging stories from the SEAL Teams, and the response was fantastic."

- Mark Ouimet

Executive Director, National Sales Manager,
ProShares Advisors

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