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The Great Pacific Race 2021

30 Days, 5 Hours, and 37 Minutes. That’s how long it took four Captain Jason Caldwell, Angus Collins, Jordan Shuttleworth, and Duncan Roy to row from San Francisco to Hawaii. This broke the current record by an eye-watering 9 days! Their adventure is recapped on ‘The Rich Roll Podcast’.
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Atlantic Challenge 2020

Lat 35’s most recent Atlantic Ocean adventure certainly had its challenges. COVID-19, storms, sea sickness, and marlins who pierced through the boat, were just a few. But these intrepid men leveraged each other to overcome it all. Click below to hear the details, first-hand by the team themselves on Lance Armstrong’s Podcast ‘The Move’.
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Row to the Balearics 2019

Three friends (Angus Collins, Richard McEnery, and Jason Caldwell) row from mainland Spain (Valencia), to the island of Minorca in support of military veterans suffering from PTSD and other mental health challenges as a result of their time spent in service of their countries.
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Namib Desert Crossing 2018

The oldest, driest, and most barren desert in the world certainly earned its name by the indigenous population as “The Gate to Hell”. But the Namib desert proves to be so much more when Lat 35 takes on an unassisted crossing. With plenty of drama along the way, the Namib taught these explores what it meant to find hope in their darkest hour.
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Atlantic Challenge 2016

Not satisfied with his efforts as the leader of the crew, Captain Jason Caldwell sets out the very following year to build and train a team to cross the Atlantic again. Doing in 8-months what their competition had two years to prepare for, Jason and crew not only win the race but break the world record as the fastest team to ever row across the Atlantic Ocean.
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Atlantic Challenge 2015

With 2,400 miles to go, and after having lost two teammates to evacuation, remaining team members Jason Caldwell and Tom Magarov finish the Atlantic crossing, and in doing so set the American record as the fastest American four to row across the Atlantic.
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Why would anyone want to row across an ocean? Or climb Mount Everest for that matter? Or run across a desert? What type of person does this? The effort chews you up and spits you out until you’re essentially unrecognizable to yourself. You sacrifice time with your family. It punishes you. It humbles you. It breaks you. So why would anybody do it then? For myself and my teammates it was because we were chasing something."
- Jason Caldwell Ocean Rower, Desert Trekker and CEO Lat35

All-Women’s Team Pacific Crossing June 2022

Lat 35’s first all-women’s team will come in the form of four dynamic athletes, from varied backgrounds, rowing across the Pacific Ocean - San Francisco to Hawaii beginning in June 2022. Libby Costello, Adrienne Smith, Sophia Denison-Johnston, and Brooke Downes make up the newest Lat 35 adventure team, who aim to not only make the crossing, but do so in record time. The team’s training is already well underway, supported by team trainer Jason Smith, this crossing will be one you won’t want to miss.
The end-goal is to make it across as fast as possible.”
- Adrienne Smith Mom and Ocean Rower

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