The Health &
Performance Experience

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Achieve team potential
through better health.

Our Health and Performance Experience is led by Dr. Ryan Lazarus, our Director of Health and Wellness and always referred to as “the guy behind the teams”.

Dr. Lazarus’ patented system for achieving holistic wellness is perfect for professional organizations. Participants will learn about the unique genetic and biological compositions of their bodies while also learning the habit-forming techniques they can use to serve those bodies better. By combining comprehensive diagnostic testing with individualized performance prescriptions, we’ll help your team achieve optimal health and performance.

Dr. Lazarus will provide the health framework for your organization’s employees including single or multi-day support to help all of your employees become true Wellness Warriors.

Beyond an experience

Assessment of underlying syndromes and lifestyle habits

Our Health and Performance Experience is a proven system that will elevate all aspects of each participant’s well-being. This program transforms individuals and improves overall team health by addressing how our six essential elements will support optimal health and performance:

1. Nutrition Evaluation

Assessment to evaluate mineral status using a zinc tally test.

2. Functional Movement Screen

Assessments to analyze ideal human movement.

3. Mindfulness Test

HRV feedback test to identify stress-coping capabilities

4. Cardiovascular Test

Anthropometric and vital sign evaluation

5. Body Composition Test

Using Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA)

6. Detailed Questionnaire

Assessment of underlying syndromes and lifestyle habits

Team leaders

Leading from experience.
Dr. Ryan Lazarus
Health + Performance

Dr. Ryan Lazarus

Team Physician, Nutritionist and Trainer
  • Team nutrition and training protocols
  • Examinations, functional labs and genetic testing
  • Traumatic Injury survivor
  • Type 1 Diabetic
Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. "
Jason Caldwell
Rowing & adventure

Jason Caldwell

  • World-record holder for trans-Atlantic and Pacific crew rowing
  • US champion rower
  • First trekker across Namib Desert
  • Author & keynote speaker
  • Featured in the documentary, Chasing
Everyone fails. It's whether or not you choose to learn from it."

We connected better as a team, built a great team spirit and culture and delivered outstanding results as a result of the work we did with Lat35."

- Martin Buckley

VP/GM Nike Global Football

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