Jason Caldwell

Built by adventure. Defined by challenges.
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“I live my life on the fringes of zero and one-hundred. Nothing is ever certain and nothing is ever impossible.”

I spent my entire life obsessed with being the best, and not collecting a wall full of silver medals. It took rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean not once, but twice to finally realize that once I did find greatness, it had nothing to do with my individual prowess, but instead with the people I did it with. Once high-performance was achieved it ceased to become about the medal, and instead became about the men in the boat. From that day forward I’ve transferred my obsession from being a builder of greatness, to being a builder of teams. The greatness just seems to follow. Welcome to my stories.

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The award winning
documentary that
chronicles the journey
of Jason Caldwell.

The gripping tale of lessons learned, experiences gained and challenges faced leading up to and throughout a torturous 3,000-mile rowing race across the Atlantic Ocean.
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Rower of oceans.

Jason has rowed across the Atlantic ocean twice, the second time breaking the world record as the fastest boat to ever row across the Atlantic in 35 days, 14 hours, 3 minutes.

Trekker of deserts.

The Namib Desert in Namibia is the oldest, driest, and most barren desert in the world. Because of such it has earned its nickname by the indigenous population as “The Gate to Hell”. Jason put a team together to trek this desert unassisted in 2018.

Supporter of causes.

Through a series of personal connections, Jason has seen the pain and suffering caused by PTSD in the brave men and women who have served in our country and others who protect democracy. Since then Jason and his company Lat 35 have worked with partners such as Headstrong to bring much needed attention to this problem, and help garner support. Jason and Lat35 are proud to support the Special Operations Warrior Foundation
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Through his company, Lat 35, Jason delivers leadership programs, and key-note speeches to organizations across the globe. To date Jason has trained over 50 companies, written two books, and currently speaks at schools such as Wharton, Columbia Business School, Haas School of Business, and London Business School.


  • What If

    What If is a series of captivating stories told along the chronology of the author’s young rowing career. Along his ascent toward rowing history on earth’s most dramatic stage, Jason meets and is influenced by a wide variety of effective leaders.
  • Navigating the Impossible: Build Extraordinary Teams and Shatter Expectations

    World-record endurance athlete and professional leadership coach Jason Caldwell draws on his amazing experiences to show how anyone can build and lead teams that accomplish incredible things. Learn more

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