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Our speaking program is led by Lat35 Founder and CEO, Jason Caldwell. Jason is a world-class athlete, a leadership and high-performance coach, and keynote speaker. For the past nine years he has used the lessons learned from the sports arena to teach what it takes to be a leader in the competitive and ever-changing environment of the professional arena.

As an endurance and adventure athlete, Jason has accumulated world records from the oceans to the Namib Desert. In 2015 Jason went on to captain and represent the United States in a rowing race 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean. Despite a dramatic and treacherous 51 day row, including the emergency evacuation of two of his team members, Jason led his remaining crew to the finish line in Antigua resulting in the American Record for the fastest US four to ever cross the Atlantic.

We believe that the retelling of stories in context to organizational challenges is one of the most effective tools available in driving alignment and understanding. As a speaker with over 13 years experience, Jason draws from the hard-earned perspective he’s learned leading teams through grueling endurance challenges. He touches on themes of high-performance team leadership, team dynamics, risk assessment and mitigation, while using his record breaking Atlantic row attempt, amongst others, as a backdrop to illustrate his points. Jason is also passionate about emotion-driven leadership, as explored in his book “Navigating the Impossible”, and the power of understanding and leveraging your “why” as teams take on challenges.

Jason tells his stories in a way that allows his audience to deconstruct and internalize the lessons pulled from it for their own personal development. This program can also be structured to further mine the metaphors of any story by facilitating breakout sessions that encourage members of these small groups to consider the stories they have to tell, and how the people they lead can benefit from them.

Our speaking program has inspired organizations across the globe. To date we have trained over 50 companies and we are proud to have led and inspired the world’s best companies and learning institutions around the world.

Beyond an experience

Learning from experience

It all begins with an experience. Our goal is to re-live, retell and capture the real learning lessons from any experience and distill it into concrete thoughts and examples that are useful for inspiring and driving high performing leaders and teams.

Adventure and academics

Our adventures are amazing feats on their own, but their true value is only realized when discussed and analyzed in context to real-world organizational needs and applications. Our goal is that every adventure story told is balanced with thoughtful discussion and breakdown that seeks to figure out the “why” behind the events and team-dynamics that unfolded.

Going beyond

Jason’s character is the forefront of his keynotes or case-studies. All of our talks build on using drive to achieve goals and focus on the value of perseverance through extreme adversity. Overall, we seek to communicate the importance of determination in winning, yielding insight like no other on how to turn failure into a powerful motivational force.

Team leaders

Leading from experience.
Jason Caldwell
Rowing & adventure

Jason Caldwell

  • World-record holder for trans-Atlantic and Pacific crew rowing
  • US champion rower
  • First trekker across Namib Desert
  • Author & keynote speaker
  • Featured in the documentary, Chasing
Everyone fails. It's whether or not you choose to learn from it."

Capturing experience and distilling it into concrete thoughts and actions is the essential fuel of high performing leaders and teams."

- JB Kurish

Senior Associate Dean and Professor,
Goizueta Business School | Emory University

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