World class athletes and adventurers, impactful stories and visceral lessons. Lat 35 experiences give leaders and teams the tools to make a difference in and beyond their organization.
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Where adventure
and academics meet.

Our leadership training programs are highly engaging and experiential. Participants will spend half their time in a tactile experience and the other half in the classroom processing and learning from that experience.
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suite of programs.

We provide highly customizable programs, speaking engagements and assessment options that help develop leadership skills, encourage organizational alignment and build better performing teams.

Virtual / in-person

Health & Performance

A patented system for achieving holistic wellness that is perfect for professional organizations.

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In person/on-site only

The Military Experience

Challenge your team on their mindset, effectiveness, creativity, teamwork by getting them outside their comfort zones.

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Virtual / in-person / hybrid

AdventureCraft Academy

The innovative leadership and experience built around athlete/adventurer storytelling, applied to business insights.

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In person/on-site only

The Rowing Experience

Our signature offering, that blends a hands-on athletic experience, with adventure storytelling and academic analysis.

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Where we come from.
Where we learn.

Our adventure background made us who we are. We challenge our minds and our bodies to their limits and then we bring back our hard-earned lessons to educate and inspire today’s leaders seeking to elevate their organization.
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Practical, powerful and poignant insights about building high performance teams, and just as importantly, about how to bring out the best in yourself.”

- Paul Ingram Kravis

Professor of Business,
Columbia Business School

Jason is a wonderful storyteller and brings you along on his journeys; what he has learned, how he reflects on that and what it means for his ability to be successful: as a team. A great storyteller that inspires his audiences with his lessons learned. Wow!”

- Pepijn Rijvers

SVP, Chief Marketing Officer &
Head of Accommodation Booking.com

Jason’s character comes out to all who know his work. His drive to achieve his goals, perseverance through extreme adversity, determination to win and a unique ability to turn failure into a powerful motivational force, set him apart from 99 percent of the people I’ve met. No doubt one of the most inspirational adventurers and leaders of today.”

- Chris Koch

Carlisle Companies Incorporated

Some leadership authorities build their understanding of leadership from academia, some from observation of high performing individuals and organizations, and some from mastering the ability to undertake and overcome insurmountable challenges. Jason Caldwell is the epitome of the latter."

- John F. Cady

PhD Professor and Executive Director
for Executive Development Kelley School of Business Indiana University

Jason’s Journal


I have a friend named Peter. He’s the youngest of three, comes from an extremely athletic family, and is by far the most gifted athlete in the group. Growing ...
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Jason’s Journal


I like to gamble. Not to the extent where I’m tempted to take my monthly mortgage payment and leverage it into an Aston Martin. But all the same, I enjoy the ...
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Jason’s Journal


Game of Thrones, as a show, may be one of the greatest equalizers of our generation. No matter who you talk to, everyone loves Game of Thrones. I once observed ...
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